Providing answers to a range of practical planning issues, questions and concerns. Included are the best times to visit a country, top things to do, international airports and servicing airlines, internal travel data, visa information, health notes, money facts, safety overviews, useful contacts and more. Information is crafted for professional audiences searching for specific information.

Provides at a glance views of what can be done where. A fantastic tool for helping clients who know what they want to do in Africa but are undecided about where to go.

With contact and pricing details for thousands of accommodation (B&Bs, guesthouses, hotels, safari lodges, campsites, backpackers and more), transport (standard car hire, motorcycle hire, 4x4 and campervan, bus, air, boat and train) and tour businesses. Updated annually, Safi Sana’s regional directories represent the most extensive such datasets available anywhere in the world!

Provide more detail on selected African businesses including onsite amenities, activities and more. Use this section to put specific choices in front of your clients!

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